Gary Rue 
Maryland Guitarist, Singer and Songwriter
Instruments played: Guitar, Pedal Steel, and Dobro.

The music on the site player is a mix of projects done over the years. Gary leaves previous work up as a tribute to all the wonderful musicians that have shared the music along the way.

1812: Tide of War, was a collaboration between Gary and author "Donald G. Shomette". Donald's stories were put to lyric and music and the work was topped off by "Micheal Clevelands" amazing fiddle playing. Gary immediately began writing, composing, and producing material for his third CD installment. In November of 2013, Wake The Sleeping Giant was released. Gary brought in his life long friend "Jimmie Fadden" (Dirt Band) to play harmonica and percussion. Gary's talent and passion are reflected in this album, as it is comprised of all original songs that are relatable to anyone who listens. Gary describes Wake The Sleeping Giant as "a musical toolbox filled with elements of folk, jazz, traditional, and great stories". 

Gary always believed that the best songs write themselves. Gary's first release American To Me is an example of the many late night wakeups and scraps of paper when thought turns to song.  American To Me has traditional country sounds, blending elements of traditional American styles of music described as "Americana". 

Americana is music of varied traditions that make up the American experience, containing elements of folk, country, classical, blues, American stories and folk lore. Instruments incorporated on this CD include dobro, guitar, lapsteel, banjo, cello, violin, upright bass cajon, harmonica, and mandolin.

American to Me, 1812: Tide of War, and Wake The Sleeping Giant can be sampled in the Music Store section of the website.

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